Preventing Abuse and Supporting Women & Girls.

Code 3 Founder and Board Chair, Dale Sutherland,

worked undercover in the DC area for over twenty years.

He served as the Supervisor of MPD’s Trafficking Unit

and worked undercover assessing brothels, street

prostitution, and international trafficking of girls.

He also served as an Investigator Associate with the

International Justice Mission, completing training in

Africa, India, Latin America, and the Philippines.

Andrea Counts has spent over 15 years working with at-risk girls and has intimate knowledge of systematic abuse across the United States. She specifically works with girls growing up in an urban landscape. Andrea has years of experience leading young girls and boys out of the trappings of abuse and into a place of restored hope.


Firsthand experience and years of interviewing those involved in human trafficking have given Andrea and Dale a clear understanding of how girls in Washington may end up in trafficking situations with criminals. Code 3 is uniquely prepared to present solutions to those most vulnerable and prevent lifelong abuse.


Our educational programs are brought to young girls and boys in public and charter schools, at-risk pregnancy centers, teen recovery programs, and two correctional facilities for girls under age 21. We use a holistic program to actively train young people and steer them away from the danger of trafficking abuse and onto a road to lasting hope. Code 3 works locally in the DC area and also has partners in Mexico and Peru, all committed to protecting and supporting women and girls. We support local and international law enforcement operations to rescue girls, arrest traffickers, and collect and communicate intelligence on the state of sex trafficking locally, nationally, and internationally.


We have already seen success in this difficult work, removing several girls from dangerous situations. Code 3 helped cover the cost of an undercover investigation which led to the arrest of a trafficker, and we are now working to house women who have been rescued from abuse or who are particularly vulnerable.


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