Trafficking Prevention


Preventing Abuse and Supporting Women & Girls.

Code 3 Founder and Board Chair, Dale Sutherland, 
worked in Vice and Narcotics enforcement for over 25 years
with DC Police. He served as the Supervisor of MPD’s
Trafficking Unit and worked undercover to lead various
investigations into sex trafficking.

Dale also served as an Investigator Associate with the
International Justice Mission, giving undercover and
anti-trafficking training to investigators in Africa, India,
Latin America, and the Philippines.

Andrea Counts has spent over 15 years working with at-risk girls and has intimate knowledge of systematic abuse across the United States. Andrea herself grew up in urban Washington and was a victim of abuse that eventually led her to be arrested for violent crimes. Thanks to her faith, Andrea says she was able to start a new chapter and has invested her entire adult life to helping girls avoid the pain she endured. She began this work with a nonprofit organization focused on helping kids in dangerous situations and is now excited to be leading Code 3’s new effort alongside police officers who work on sex offenses in the District of Columbia. 


Andrea and her team reach at-risk girls in public schools, halfway houses, the court system, homeless shelters, and even on the streets. Our program focuses on prevention, aiming to share a message of hope with at-risk youth. Thanks to years of firsthand experience, Code 3 is uniquely prepared to present solutions to those most vulnerable and prevent lifelong abuse.


Andrea and the Code 3 team work with law enforcement to support efforts to rescue girls from trafficking through undercover operations and investigations. We work locally in the DC area and also have partners in Mexico and Peru, all committed to protecting and supporting women and girls. We support local and international law enforcement operations to rescue girls, arrest traffickers, and collect and communicate intelligence on the state of sex trafficking locally, nationally, and internationally.


“Transform” is an eight-session class offered to every girl our program reaches.   The training gives young women a new perspective on values, health, and finding a livelihood that fits their goals. 

We have already seen success in this difficult work, removing several girls from dangerous situations. Code 3 helped cover the cost of an undercover investigation which led to the arrest of a trafficker, and we are now working to house women who have been rescued from abuse or who are particularly vulnerable.