Code 3 Association Launches New Initiative to Help Officers Injured in the Line of Duty

Code 3 announces the “Injured Officers Initiative” to provide expanded care and support for officers injured in the line of duty


Daniel Hickson


Washington, DC – Code 3, an organization with a goal of caring for police officers and the communities they serve, announced a new initiative today that provides assistance and support to officers who have been seriously injured in the line of duty. The Injured Officers Initiative works with officers who have not received adequate support and aims to assist with medical expenses, physical therapy, mobility equipment, continued education, and more.

Code 3 has worked with injured officers for many years, one of the first being former detective Lani Pinkney. Ms. Pinkney was shot while responding to a robbery in 1995 and struggled with access to medical care and physical therapy.

“The Injured Officers Initiative has supported me in more ways than I thought possible. I want other injured officers to receive the help that they need too," said Pinkney. “I’m just really thankful that someone stepped in when I needed it most.”

“Through our work at Code 3, we realized the scope of this unmet need and decided we had to take action to advocate for these officers,” said Dale Sutherland, founder of Code 3. “We know that many officers don’t get everything they need from workers compensation or insurance alone, and we’re working hard to bridge that gap and maintain the quality of life they deserve.”

The Injured Officers Initiative is currently working with a handful of officers with varying needs and is focused on ensuring that funding exists to provide the higher standard of care that these officers deserve.

Information about the initiative and profiles of each officer are detailed on the organization’s new website, To learn more about Code 3’s ongoing efforts to support law enforcement in the community, visit


Code 3 was founded in 2015 to foster mutual trust and collaboration among police departments and the communities they serve. The Injured Officers Initiative advocates on behalf of officers to provide a higher standard of care, including short-term grants and continued support throughout recovery.